Ruth Isserlin

Email: <ruth DOT isserlin AT utoronto DOT ca>

Weekly Updates

Current Projects:

  1. Cell - Cell Interactions or Receptor - Ligand Interactions

  2. Automatically updated Gene sets

  3. Enrichment Map

Current Analyses:

  1. LA03/LA02 - defining ligand/receptor networks

Old Projects:

  1. Modularizing and Porting EM to Cytoscape 3.0 and integrating it with GSEA

  2. Google summer of code 2014 Co-Authorship Social Network App for Cytoscape 3.0 Idea

  3. MouseHeartPathwayProject

  4. Pathway Analysis Track

  5. GeneSets (old)

  6. Micro RNA Analysis Track

  7. Medical Decision Making Project

  8. Human Chromatin Project

  9. modified psicquic cytoscape plugin to compute pairwise interactions

  10. Google summer of code 2013 Copublication App for Cytoscape 3.0 Idea

  11. What do we publish? - publication trends analyzed querying different sets of genes.


  1. EdibleEnrichmentMaps



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