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I am a PhD candidate in Molecular Genetics who started in the Bader lab in May, 2016. I am very excited about the possibilities offered by high-throughput single-cell RNA-seq, especially to investigate intercellular signalling in complex tissues. Explore the results of some of my work here!


CCInx - Cell-cell interaction prediction

As part of our ongoing work developing tools to predict cell-cell interaction networks from -omics data, Ruth Isserlin has put together a handy database of ligand-receptor pairs. This database has powered analyses such as this one from the Miller/Kaplan lab, which identified extrinsic regulators of neurogenesis. I'm currently working on CCInx, an R package to generate and visualize bipartite graphs of cell-cell interactions from single-cell RNAseq data. A working development version is available here.

Aging Mouse Brain
Methodios Ximerakis and Scott Lipnick of Lee Rubin's group are studying the effects of aging on the mammalian brain. We are collaborating with them to understand the changes in cell-cell signalling, predicted using CCInx. The results are available online or as an R package.

Cell type matters!
In my recent attempts to improve ligand-receptor interaction prediction from scRNAseq, I've identified a fundamental issue plaguing next-gen prediction methods that use the receptor cell's transcriptome to help specify which receptors have been activated. Transcriptional signatures of cell-cell interactions are dependent on cellular context! Methods reliant on prior knowledge of ligand-mediated transcriptional response will not generalize to cell types that they were not trained on, which is a major limitation preventing the field from improving the specificity of our cell-cell interaction predictions. I'm currently working on mitigating this barrier, so stay tuned!

scClustViz - scRNAseq cluster assessment and visualization

I've built an interactive reporting tool for single-cell RNAseq results called scClustViz (or sCV for short). Hopefully it will both help biologists and bioinformaticians better collaborate while working with this data, and improve open science by making it easier to publish data in an accessible manner.

Human Liver Atlas
Sonya MacParland and Ian McGilvray led the creation of the first single-cell atlas of a human organ, the liver. Jeff Liu and I were honoured to perform the analysis for this project, the results of which can be viewed in scClustViz online or as an R package.

Embryonic Mouse Cerebral Cortex
I worked with Scott Yuzwa and Michael Borrett of Freda Miller's group to understand the precursor population responsible for building the mammalian cerebral cortex, and its relationship with adult neural stem cells. The single-cell transcriptomes from timepoints throughout cortical neurogenesis in the mouse brain can be viewed in scClustViz online or as an R package.


MSc in Biochemistry at the University of Western Ontario, supervised by Dr. David Litchfield

BMSc in Cell Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Western Ontario

Teaching Experience

TA for MBP1010H - Quantitative Biology and Statistical Methods (2015 - 2017)

TA for MMG1001H - Foundational Genetic Approaches I: Genomics (2019 - 2020)

TA for MMG1002H - Foundational Genetic Approaches II: Programming for Biologists (2020 - 2021)


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